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Our pre-school and pre-kindergarten programs are designed for children ranging in age from 2 ½ through 5 years old. We offer full day programs Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. (Preschool Only Option) or 7:45 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (Extended Day Option). Our curriculum offers a balance of teacher-directed as well as self-directed opportunities for children in both small and large group settings. Each month the children are exposed to an overarching theme, which is used as a backdrop for planning an integrated curriculum of study. This theme enables the classroom teachers to develop learning opportunities using multi-disciplinary activities to fully immerse the child in the unit of study. The  

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

inclusion of creative activities into each theme gives students the opportunity to be actively engaged in the creative process. Our preschool morning schedule begins with a morning meeting called Opening in which children are involved in calendar activities (such as days of the weeks, months of the year, counting, time concepts and current events), attendance using different name recognition clues or self-concept questions, and exposure to the particular thematic daily objective they will be focusing on for the day. This time helps to inform the children about what they can expect for their morning studies and serves as a community meeting to bring the group together. Your child will also participate in two small group activities with his/her designated small group instructor. These small group times offer teacher-directed activities with an academic focus in a small group setting. Each day, one small group time will focus on language arts activities and the other small group time will focus on math and science skills. Each child will also participate in Art and Centers, which offers child-directed learning opportunities in art, science, math, dramatic play and library focusing on the daily objective related to the monthly overarching theme. In conjunction with Arts and Centers, children also will participate in a gross motor activity each day. These activities will include music and movement activities such as: obstacle courses, bowling, parachute play, bean bags, streamers, singing, dancing and instruments. Our morning preschool time will also include a snack and recess on our playground. Throughout the day, your child will work to develop his/her skills in critical thinking, problem solving, evaluation, and creativity. Our preschool curriculum provides academic skill development opportunities while encouraging and supporting emotional and social growth in a nurturing and creative environment.



Our kindergarten curriculum consists of the Open Court Reading Program, which provides a phonics based language arts curriculum that is expanded on by various whole language activities. In addition, the children experience daily activities that include math, science, social studies, physical education and music. We focus on skills that prepare your child for a successful learning experience in first grade and the grades to follow. We feel our small class size and low student-teacher ratio provides each child with the individualized attention needed to reach his/her full potential. In addition to academic skills, our program emphasizes life which promote success in future endeavors. Our classroom environment enhances the development of each child's independence, self-esteem and self-help skills. We stress the importance of social, emotional, behavioral and physical development while we nurture your child's cognitive development. Our qualified and dedicated teacher has significant personal contact hours with your child enabling her to better know your child and his/her individual learning style. It is our goal and commitment to provide each kindergartener and his/her family with the best possible kindergarten experience. We have included a sample schedule to provide further details about the daily activities.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 8:30 -8:50 Opening Activities: calendar, weather, current events, songs

  • 8:50 -10:15 Language Arts: reading, writing, and comprehension

  • 10:15 -11:00 Snack and Recess

  • 11:00 -11:45 Math

  • 11:45 -12:15 Stories and Songs

  • 12:15 -12:25 Prepare for Lunch

  • 12:25 -12:50 Lunch

  • 12:50 -1:30 Rest and Relaxation

  • 1:30 -2:00 Recess

  • 2:00 -2:30 Social Studies and Science

  • 2:30 -3:15 Art and Physical Education

  • 3:15 -3:30 Snack

  • 3:30 Dismissal


We realize choosing a kindergarten program for your child is an important decision. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


​Our summer program is a continuation of our fall preschool program with some adjustments in scheduling to accommodate swimming lessons. Each child enrolled will participate in a twenty-five minute swimming lesson in the morning and all day children will have a recreational free swim in the afternoon. The depth of our heated pool ranges from 2 ½ feet in the shallow end to 5 feet in the deep end. Certified lifeguards will run the swimming program and your child's classroom teacher will be in the pool to assist the lifeguards. Our swimming program teaches basic swimming skills while stressing positive values and giving your child the opportunity to practice them. This will promote growth in self-esteem and self-worth while they are having a great time.

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