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This is my sons second year here and we could not have picked a better preschool. The teacher's are absolutely amazing and care about each child. It is amazing how much my son has learned it just a year here and we look forward to seeing his progress throughout this year. Denyce the owner is also amazing and cares about each and every family. They do so many wonderful things throughout the school year to keep the families involved and show off the children's progress. We will definitely be sending our next two to Espree as well!

Anonymous, August 2014

Choosing a school for your young child is such a difficult processes. Who will you trust your little one to? I am SO grateful to have found Espree! We love the Espree family so much that we chose Espree Kindergarten over public school. We thought the years of pre-school and then pre-K were outstanding but Kindy topped them all. 

My kids are very advanced academically thanks to the education they have received but the most important thing for them to learn at this age is to find a true love of learning and Espree has given them that gift. That is worth more than all of the ABC's and 123's in the world and will be the true foundation that paves the way for a life time of learning. 

Beyond that? My kids ADORE all of the teachers, aids, owner, cook, EVERYONE there. I have one who is a total snuggler and I worried about who would give him that affection when I wasn't with him during the day. I am thrilled to say that he got plenty attention and affection. Some people struggle with kids being upset at drop off. We sometimes had the opposite problem. They didn't want to come home! That's pretty much the best endorsement of a school I can think of.

Anonymous, December 2013

We feel so lucky to have found Espree. Our son started at 3 1/2 and stayed until he entered kindergarten. First, the teachers are amazing. They have all been at the school for years, even many since the school opened and it's all because they are treated so well. They are very caring about the children's social, academic and emotional growth and the curriculum supports that as well. It challenges each child for their individual level. Ability groupings are a perfect match for the kids to work at their level. The have a great balance of teacher-led academics and child discovery. We have found the great math interest my son has through their centers work. And lastly, we cannot say enough about the Director. She is welcoming, warm and supportive and always takes the time to talk to any parent and child who needs it. We are looking forward to when our daughter is of the age to enter Espree.

Anonymous, January 2013

Both of our older children have attended Espree and our youngest is still attending. We feel truly fortunate that we learned of Espree so many years ago when our oldest was only three years old. All three of our children have benefited from this wonderful pre-school and the amazing teachers/staff. In fact, I still see over half of the same teachers today that taught my oldest seven years ago. That rate of retention is unheard of in the daycare and/or preschool industry. It goes without saying that Denyce Blessinger is an extraordinary owner and director. This pre-school is her heart and soul!!!

Tracy T., June 2012

We could not be happier with the school! Our daughter has been attending it since she was 2.5. She just turned 5 and is in pre-K class now, but her academics rank her at 1st grade level. This is not as important though as seeing our daughter so happy every day when she goes there and she typically is not in a hurry to leave it at night :-)! All the teachers are amazing and truly love their profession. Ms. Siebert, Ms. L and Ms. Kimball are outstandingly talented! We can speak from experience as our son attended several different schools in the area (we could not get him into Espree, b/c there was wait-list at the time). The kids swim twice a day in the summer (there s an outdoor swimming pool); Ms Lisa, the cook, prepares yummy and healthy meals right there, on site; there are karate and dance lessons available as enrichment program and, most importantly, it feels like family! Truly an amazing early childhood school, a real gem and the best kept secret in South Denver :-)! Many thanks to the owner, Denyce Blessinger, for doing such a fantastic job!

Anonymous, January 2012

I love Espree! Our son attended [Omitted] and [Omitted] as an infant/toddler. Once he was potty-trained and 2 1/2 he could attend Espree. We just love the educational enrichment our child is receiving from the professional preschool teachers at this facility. The fact the same teachers have been around for years is a testament to the quality of the management and their commitment to the education of the children. The focus is on utilizing play to develop fine and gross motor, language arts, math and science, skills. The teacher to student ratio is great and there are lovely grassy outdoor play areas with age appropriate playground equipment. My son enjoys attending Espree and looks forward to "school" each day - it is a godsend for the working parent! The bonus is that kids learn to swim in the outdoor pool in the summer! I would recommend this preschool/daycare to everyone!

Anonymous, October 2011

This is a wonderful school. I wish we knew about it when my older son was younger that he could reap the benefits from such a great academic environment. My younger son is years ahead of the learning curve for kindergarten. This is truly a learning environment and NOT a daycare. The teachers are real academics and many of the certified as teachers in some capacity unlike most commercial or in home daycare options in the area. Additionally the teachers and the owner, Denyce Blessinger, genuinely care for each an every child, they are not simple dollar signs. Denyce continually facilitates programs and plays and true graduations for all of her students. We will dearly miss taken our son to Espree, it is such a wonderful place!

Heather S., June 2010

Excellent School

Espree Child Learning Center has far exceeded my expectations! Exceptional teachers and ownership.

Musette G., May 2010

Excellent School

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